We believe that animal-human interactions have a deep transformative potential and can contribute to the development of soft competencies which are profound elements of emotional intelligence. Alternative knowledge systems (encounter with living animals as well as literature, games and tales on animals) have a crucial effect on self-empowerment and develop a sense of agency.
During the project we develop and test the following materials with and for youth workers:
  • A collection
    of good practices / exercises relevant from the previous knowledge of partner organizations
    Education & Learning (zoopedagogy-, drama & theatre, game & play, storytelling)
  • A curriculum
    of a six-module training course
    competencies of life long learning
  • Lesson plans
    for the modules (trainer manual)
    Education & Learning (zoopedagogy-, drama & theatre, game & play, storytelling)
  • Handouts
    that can be given to young people during the course (learner manual)
    self-development & motivation of young people