Komárno 2018 1On 23rd of November an ’Interactive workshop’ was organized within the LEHUA project by TANDEM in Komárno, at Zichy-pont. The main aim of the workshop was to introduce all the already reached results of this Erasmus+ project. Some of the intellectual outputs were also introduced to the participants. Feedbacks were collected in regard to additional work on intellectual outputs.
There were 20 professionals participating on the Interactive workshop. Among them were teachers, trainers, youth workers, scouts, undergraduates and psychologists.

The event was opened by the project coordinator, Mária Borvák. She introduced TANDEM and the LEHUA project. Finally, she presented our partner organizations: Rogers Foundation for Person-Centered Education (HU), Bzdapest Zoo and Botanical Garden (HU), Milvus Group Assiciation (RO). 

The participants were invited to look at all the themes and method presented during the day keeping in mind the principles, and evaluate in what forms are each principle relevant to the given approach.

Three workshops were held: two about animals and play and a little about story-centred work, then an interactive evaluation.
Participants had to introduced themselves in a very extraordinary way: after telling their names they were asked to tell a personal (funny, sad, disgusting, frightening or lovely) story about an animal. Shortly after the opening circle the participants were invited to play games taken from the Best Practice Collection. Games were facilitated by Lilla Balázs.
The story-centred work was based on fable: The Cockroach who held a mountain on his back (by Daniel Quinn). This part of the event was focusing on self-knowledge and the workshop-part was based on symbols: leaves, stones and walnuts.
Participants were enchanted by the whole workshop.
The third part of the event was the interactive evaluation, leaded by Mária Borvák. The Bloom taxonomy method was introduced to the participants. They were asked to classify the themes of the Training Curriculum, afterward they evaluated the practices taken from the Best Practice Collection and the whole workshop.
Before the closing circle participants were asked to design a mandala from nuts, leafage, flowers, branches, cones, etc.

In the closing circle the organizers met with participants´ feelings – which were very positive on the whole. The very last thing was giving a written feedback to the organizers.
According to their feedback, the LEHUA Interactive workshop was a success, as stakeholders left inspired and motivated to use the methods and the practices in their work, to learn more about our projects and also they had the chance to discuss issues with their colleagues and friends.

Komárno 2018 2