2017 11 21 LEHUA Budapest 293Early morning, raining, another workday. According to my stereotypes, these words cannot relate with joy, although these were also the characteristics of the LEHUA Day of Joy. Now, let’s take a look from a different perspective!

Zoo, play, laugh, free learning, quality time. Does this sound better?

The Rogers Foundation and the Budapest Zoo organized a Day of Joy on 21.11.2017. The topic was our Erasmus plus project: Learning Humanity from Animals (LEHUA). There were 35 of us, 4 members from the Zoo, 8 from Rogers and 23 from other institutions. There were school psychologists, dog therapists, forest school leaders, professors, university students, environmental educators, and teachers. All of them have a connection with both humans and animals. Furthermore, we had Gábor „Hajti” Hajtman, an EVS volunteer from the Rogers Foundation who helped a lot in the organising process before, during and after.

What did we do?

  • collected good practices within the topic of education with animals

  •  visited the polar bear brothers and the elephant baby

  • touched a giant snake, a rat, a bearded dragon, a bunny and an earthworm

  • ate delicious sandwiches and snacks

  • learned a lot about animals

  •  we were bats, ants, rhinos in simulation games

  • tried out the „box of touch”

  • created the laws of the jungle

  • established relationships, had discussions and listen to each other

  • games in this day: 21st Nov 2017 - games (Hungarian)

We closed the day with a huge amount of JOY.