The Multiplier Events organized by the Milvus Group were held on the 9th of October and on the 21st of November, 2017. While in October, we put more emphasis on presenting the Best Practice Collection, testing several games and activities, at the second event, in the centre of discussion was the presentation and testing of the training material.

The first event took place at the conference room of the Museum of Târgu Mureş, where 12 participants and 5 Milvus Group’s representatives participated. Some of the activities took place outdoor, in the courtyard of the Medieval Fortress. The participants were from various associations, such as Outward Bound Romania, Adept Foundation, Schubz Education Center, Târgu Mureş Zoo, Joseph Haltrich Highschool Sighișoara, University of Art. They were happy to participate in the activities, and even enriched them with new ideas. One of their favorite games was the bats' orientation, where we could expand the Best Practice Collection with 2 variations based on their feedback.

The second event was announced through a Facebook event and here 2 Milvus Group representatives and 10 participants were present. They represented the Zöldfény Foundation, Târgu Mureş Zoo and the Association of Kulcs Social Pedagogues. After presenting the project and partners, we briefly outlined the structure of the training session from February, and we also tried several activities. The touch box (called the box of senses) had the greatest success, here with the help of touching they had to recognize a snail or shell house, the horn of a roe deer, or even a bird nest. The participants received a short presentation of the project and the project’s brochure.

Both events ended with collecting feedback.