The date of the conference: 9th November 2018. Friday
Venue: Budapest Zoo and Botanical Gardens
Cave Hall (plenary section) and its instruction area (presentations: Darwin-hall, Felfedezőtér, Tanodú).

Opened by: Prof. Dr. Miklós Persányi, Director of the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden

The event was organised as a professional meeting for a wide range of people interested in different aspects of education starting from the integrity of live animals in teaching, through people involved in environmental education to psychologists dealing with young people’s and students’ development and integration in education. During the lectures in the plenary section, participants had the opportunity to gain an insight into different fields the scientific background of which was discussed by the lecturers. Meanwhile in the workshops running simultaneously, participants in smaller groups familiarised themselves with the training methodology and practice developed in the project.

Lecturers in the plenary section placed emphasis on the following issues:

The handout of our one week long training. It is an additional material to the Training Curriculum and the Lesson Plans.

Tanuljunk emberséget az állatoktól! tréningünk résztvevői munkafüzete - Hungarian

Fise de lucru pentru participanti - Romanian

Zosit pre ucastnikov - Slovak

Learners Manual - English


This is a practical handbook containing 40 varied and versatile activities that cover any comprehensive range of learning themes, which are especially relevant for youth workers and training professionals. Through these exercises our aim is to enhance prosocial intra-and interpersonal skills such as empathy, self-reflexion, resilience or coping of young people, as these are the competences needed for the youth for empowered actions, to become agents in their own life. The collection is available in four languages: English, Hungarian, Romanian and Slovakian

Best Practice Guide - English

Tanuljunk emberséget az állatoktól! – játékgyűjtemény - Hungarian

Súbor cvičení - Slovak

Colecție de bune practici - Romanian

The curriculum of our one week long training, especially relevant for youth workers and training professionals. The detailed description of the activities can be found separately, as Lesson Plans. The third element of the training kit is a Manual for Participants.

Tanuljunk emberséget az állatoktól! – tréningvázlat - Hungarian

Tréningový plán - Slovak

Plan de training - Romanian

Training Curriculum - English

LEHUA - Learning Humanity from Animals - Leaflets in 4 languages: