MILVUS LOGO kicsiMilvus Group association is a non-profit, non-governmental organization acting in the fields of nature conservation, research, education and advisory, in order to make Romania a better place for wildlife and people. A few very enthusiastic young bird-watchers founded the Milvus in autumn 1991. Since the end of 2001 the Association for Bird and Nature Protection “Milvus Group” became an independent registered NGO.

Education is one of the most precious activities among the many that Milvus has. Our main goal is to form a responsive perception of nature and environmental problems among citizens, especially in the young generations.

Since we have a well-functioning Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in a village near Tg.Mures where we have some bird cages build up especially for education use. Here in this cages are placed birds that can not be rehabilitate because of tham enjuries that can be fixed and they are not be able to be reliesed. We think this is a great oportunity to develop an emotional contact between human and animal, human and nature.

Project on Milvus Group website: LEHUA


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